A Happier Version

In April a sperm and an egg came together.  Like the start of any relationship there were strange tummy feelings and sleepless nights. Things were starting to work out and he was spending every night at her place, though he never left a toothbrush.  Then, slowly, the spark fizzled and the relationship stopped growing.  They ultimately just weren’t compatible. 

They called it quits and decided to move out, go their separate ways. Maybe it was nostalgia, maybe it was misplaced optimism, but their attempts to pack up and take the leap were half-hearted at best.  Eviction notices came because they didn’t pay their rent, but still they stayed, squatting, holding onto something that was long gone.

Today professionals were brought in to evacuate the residents and purge their belongings.  My internal cleaning crew will handle the final phase getting the place squared away for a new couple that will hopefully find true love, settle in for 9 months, and only move out after when their love gets so big that need a bigger place to live. 


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